We were having AC maintenance done in our attic when one of the guys accidentally fell and stepped on and broke a pipe….water flooded our kitchen, hallway, a bedroom and bathroom. The AC company called the Dry Guys and they were there within 45 minutes. This was our first time to have to use this type of service and didn’t know exactly what to expect. From day one to day five of the remediation the Dry Guys explained in detail how this would all work, they were friendly, extremely professional, calmed our fears and always notified us they were on their way and always on time. When the insurance adjuster came to assess the damage, he told us he was extremely impressed with the Dry Guys work and that they did a great job on drying out our home. The adjuster shared a couple of horror stories about other remediation companies poor work that left the homeowners with so much more damage than they should have had so that made us even more are thankful that we had the Dry Guys on our side! We highly recommend the Dry Guys if you ever find yourself in need.